Weaverse is the first theme customizer for Shopify Hydrogen.

Headless Shopify Stores, In Days, Not Sprints.

Weaverse allows Shopify developers to slash development time with reusable components, shareable themes, and a visual editor. This enables merchants to effortlessly iterate their websites without writing code or constantly seeking developer assistance.
Shopify Developers
Fast to prototype. Fast to build. Fast to scale.
A Launchpad To Ship Hydrogen Stores Faster
Use Weaverse SDKs to build reusable, customizable Hydrogen themes, and share them with non-technical merchants for code-free editing. Reusing pre-built content sections, every merchant can set up headless sites and make new changes on the fly.
Shopify Merchants
4 Million Shopify Stores. None Will Look Like Yours.
Build For Headless, Without The Headache
Enjoy a familiar section-based page-building experience. Use sections, drag and drop, edit content, add text, add animations, and add everything you can imagine. You do what you’ve always been doing, but instead of a slow-loading vanilla website, you finally get the storefront you envision.
A composer for your headless stack
We're obsessed with top performance, best practices, and stringent accessibility
Our Latest News
Shopify Hydrogen, is now available for the Vanguards.
Weaverse is undergoing a paradigm-shifting evolution: We have reimagined our eCommerce solution to provide Shopify merchants with Weaverse Hydrogen
Goodbye Liquid. Hello Hydrogen.
82% of Shopify partners on Experts Marketplace specialize in custom storefronts and custom theme development. The market is crammed. But if...
Shopify Hydrogen vs. Online Store 2.0: A Case Study
Made a quick comparison between two 9-figure DTC brands. One uses OS 2.0, the other uses Hydrogen. And let me tell you, the technology gap is wide! The former...
No-code for Merchants - Low-code for Developers. Making headless commerce less intimidating for Shopify developers and more accessible for everyone