Weaverse, The First Theme Customizer for Shopify Hydrogen, is now available for the Vanguards.
Sep 11, 2023
By Paul Phan4 mins read
Weaverse, The First Theme Customizer for Shopify Hydrogen, is now available for the Vanguards.

Weaverse is undergoing a paradigm-shifting evolution: We have reimagined our eCommerce solution to provide Shopify merchants with Weaverse Hydrogen - the Very First Theme Customizer for Hydrogen storefronts, purposefully designed to help you take your Shopify store headless.

Why Weaverse?

Headless commerce isn't just a buzzword.

Headless allows merchants to have richer merchandising, more personalization, sub-second page loads, design flexibility, and full creative freedom to build a bespoke e-commerce experience at every customer touch-point. Buzzwords come and go, but headless, and everything great about it, is here to stay. Shopify knows this more than anyone:

  • In early 2023, Shopify acquired Remix with the strategic aim of revamping Hydrogen - Shopify’s framework for building custom headless storefronts.

  • In Shopify Winter Edition’ 23, Shopify announced that Oxygen - a serverless hosting platform designed to enable easy deployment of Hydrogen storefronts - will be available on all plans except Starter & Development, providing lightning-fast, globally available storefronts that seamlessly integrate with the Shopify ecosystem

Hydrogen is nowhere as accessible as Shopify themes. Even with Hydrogen, implementing a headless architecture is still hard and expensive. You need a deep pocket. You need engineering power to build and maintain such infrastructure.

We also have to acknowledge the caveat that most Shopify merchants don’t need Headless Commerce. You need to focus on what makes your beer taste better. You start small and simple. You solve your customer’s problems. You make them happy. You make your cash register sing. That’s all that matters.

But what if it’s not enough? Chances are you’ll go against industry titans - competitors with the benefit of scale. While your products may be better, they could boast greater brand recognition, substantial marketing resources, and better acquisition capabilities. In such battles, every win counts.

What if you can gain an upper hand with a superior eCommerce experience?

What if building a headless store becomes easier and cheaper? What if having a performant, pixel-perfect storefront is just as easy as making a new website from a free theme?

Those are no longer rhetorical questions.

With Weaverse, we built a visual editor on top of Hydrogen and enriched it with pre-made Hydrogen themes. Merchants can do what they have always done: drag, drop, design, publish - but instead of having a vanilla website, they get headless storefronts that are lightning-fast, content-rich, and unforgettable.

"Going Headless" Meant Weaverse

What Is Weaverse?

Imagine Online Store 2.0 but for Shopify Hydrogen.

How Does Weaverse Work?

Using Weaverse theme customizer and pre-made templates, developers can cut down development work and deliver Hydrogen storefronts with speed. Once set up, merchants have a native tool to manage store content without nagging developers for help.

And here's the cool part: Not only did we make Weaverse look like Online Store 2.0, but we also integrated the Liquid section creation flow into the Remix framework with our Hydrogen SDKs. Developers can define sections in React, customize them with the Section Schema, and dynamically render with the loader, which means you can fetch data from any source like products, collections, meta fields, meta objects, and more. Plus, it's backed by the native server-side render and streaming render power of Remix.

Want to take it for a spin? Check out our playground.

How Much Does Weaverse Cost?

During this beta phase, it's on the house. You can use Weaverse for free for local development.

After conducting thorough research, we have examined similar solutions offered by our competitors to ensure that we provide a cost-effective solution. However, we have found that there are no real competitors with true Hydrogen integration as they merely claim to offer it and charge exorbitant fees. Our objective is to deliver superior value, potentially at a fraction of that cost.

What's next for Weaverse?

The future is exciting for us:

  • We plan to update and refine our documentation and tutorials to make sure you can quickly put Weaverse to its full power.

  • We're forging partnerships with Shopify apps and partners to give our users more add-ons and more components.

  • Our Weaverse SDKs are being primed for 3rd app integration, ensuring Shopify app partners can transition into Hydrogen seamlessly.

Getting Started

🔥 Weaverse is now officially listed in the Shopify App collection for "Apps that extend your Hydrogen build"! To get started, all you need to do is install the app and then follow the tutorial in the app onboarding.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think. :)