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Weaverse CLI

Published on Nov 20, 2023, updated 4 months ago

For developers crafting Weaverse Hydrogen themes, the Weaverse CLI is a simple yet powerful aid, streamlining project setup and management tasks directly from the command line.


You can run it directly using npx to ensure you're always using the latest version:

npx @weaverse/cli@latest [command]



The `create` command in the Weaverse CLI is essential for starting new Weaverse Hydrogen projects. It creates a new project directory, sets it up with a basic template, and installs necessary dependencies. After setting up, it initializes the project and starts the development server, making sure your project is ready for development immediately.


  • --template: Specifies the template to be used when creating the project. Currently, the only supported template is 'pilot'.

  • --project-id: This is the unique identifier for your project, which should correspond with the project ID in the Weaverse app.

  • --project-name: Defines the name of your project, used as the directory name and within configuration files.


To create a new project, you would use a command like this:

npx @weaverse/cli@latest create --template=pilot --project-id=clocwvm3y08j2r79n3c44uhjh --project-name=my-hydrogen-storefront

Best Practices

It is recommended to create your project within the Weaverse app first. Doing so will allow you to copy the full command, complete with the project ID and project name, ensuring accuracy.

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