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Weaverse SDKs

Published on Nov 20, 2023, updated 6 months ago

The Weaverse SDK is organized into multiple packages, each serving a specific role in the development of Weaverse Hydrogen themes. These packages provide the necessary tools and functionalities for an efficient and streamlined development process.


This foundational package contains the core logic of Weaverse and Weaverse Items, focusing on essential operations and data handling within the Weaverse ecosystem.


Specializing in the user interface, this package manages the rendering of Weaverse Items, which are built as React components, ensuring proper display and interaction within the themes.


Tailored for theme development, this package carries the logic required to build a Hydrogen Theme and facilitate its integration with Weaverse Studio’s customization features.


A command-line tool included in the SDK, aiding developers in creating, managing, and deploying Weaverse Hydrogen themes with ease and efficiency.

Open Source Plans

Currently, the Weaverse SDK packages are private. Plans are underway to open-source the SDK by the end of this year, promoting community access and contribution.

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